Monday, November 29, 2010

Way to Go Benny !

On behalf of the entire syndicate here at "Windsurf Your God Damn Face Off" I would like to congratulate Ben Peterson on his nomination for a Senate position with the Socialist Alliance. Besides being a prolific windsurfer, Benny is a strong anti "the man" advocate, displaying his opposition to corporate and political "Big Wigs" on and off the water. After a shocking nomination from neoconservative Patrice Milligan we asked Benny how he was feeling about everything.

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to run as a senate candidate for Socialist Alliance because I think it is the new generation of windsurfers that will be the ones to bring change on the issues like the fall crow hunt and kite boarding, where real change is needed. The Labor and Liberal parties have both consistently let down Victoria Beach people by their craven support for corporate (club) interests. The Socialist Alliance stands for 'people before profit' and that's the kind of change I'd like to see in Municipal politics."


  1. Somewhat confused as the election was months ago, and not tottally able to understand why ive got such a ringing endorsement from a canadian windsurfing blog, particularly as ive never widnsurfed, and dont know anyone who has, but im still enormously proud that windsurfyourfaceoff has seen fit to randomly and pointless endorse my campaign.

    If only it had come before the election, and anyone on this blog had been in Western Australia, then who knows what would have happened.

    Sincerely (and still confused)
    Ben Peterson, unsuccessful W.A Senate Candidate 2010

  2. keep at it benny- we're all pulling for you

  3. Congratulations on your endorsement Ben. A little peeved that my undying support for the windsurfing community went unnoticed in my campaign for the seat of Brisbane, but I guess you take a better photo.
    Ewan Saunders
    Socialist Alliance Candidate for Brisbane
    2010 Federal Election

  4. Dear Ewan,
    Your "undying support" for the windsurfing community did not go unoticed by us here at Windsurf Your Goddamn Face Off. We applaud you for it.

    What worried us were your doveish stances on Afghanistan and armed conflict generally. It is our position that a fully engaged Australia is a boon to the international community now more than ever.

    We have a great respect for the people of Brisbane and will continue to watch your career with interest.

    Editorial Board
    Windsurf Your Goddamn Face Off

  5. Ben Peterson lost our election because of his untenable anti-apostrophe stance. Nonetheless, I'm excited to hear him speak after my next spell at my Winter Home in Manitoba.

    Widnsurfing down under till I can get up to the great white north.