Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ryan Van Breezy

Soon after a photo of Alexander James's top-secret Elk-Ida beer training session was leaked to the press, a photo emerged of his associate apparently engaged in 'the real thing'. Ryan van Breezy, above, can be seen in the photo enjoying one of Manitoba's finest brews - Labbatt's 50 - handfree and visibly carefree. "Just look at his half-open eyes, unshaven face, and the palm trees on his shirt," said fellow VBYC member Micheal Krauss. "He's obviously pretty laid back. I just wish he'd have a more serious attitude towards his responsibilities on the Compound Committee." Past Commodore Ivan McMorris remembered Van Breezy hanging around the club most of the summer working on his beer drinking abilities; "yeah, he was around here most weekends toiling around on his Hobie 16 with a couple of ice cold beers strapped into the Boom Buddy. He's a pretty good sailor but i've definitely seen him blow a few tacks. You know, him and that guy he always sails with." Other members agreed that Van Breezy is at the top of his beer drinking game. A member who wished to remain anonymous said, "When Ryan came down to the lake as 'VB's hottest commodity' his confidence went through the roof and he started really getting serious about having beer. Frankly, i was worried at first, but after seeing him handle his new status the way he did, I've changed my mind. The guy's a fucking legend. Just look at the goddamn picture."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Elk-Ida Aquires First Corperate Sponser"

"There is such a thing as dry land training when referring to the art of Chugging beer".

Alexander James

"It's a Way Of Life"!!