Friday, August 3, 2012

No Wind, VBYC to Focus on Recycling

Clang! The unmistakable sound of an empty aluminum can crashing into a pile of its discarded brethren. This is a sound heard more often these days than the clanging of a main halyard on a mast in the fresh breezes of years gone by.

The VBYC is going green, and certainly doing its part for the environment, becoming a community leader in recycling. The spike in aluminum can recycling has been nothing short of remarkable; “I’d say we’ve achieved a 99% diversion rate of cans being tossed in the bush” said club maintenance man Shooter Schott, leaving bored early morning walkers with nothing to do and the beach banter column emptier than the Club fridge on Monday morning.

Clang! Another one bites the dust.

The shift in focus of the club has more than a few sailing purists gripping the gunwales. “We all love sailing, but the numbers don’t lie, and they tell a different story” explained an exhausted looking Commodore Van Berkel.

He clarified: “I love sailing, but lets be honest, sailing numbers are down across the board, I mean I haven’t had my boat on the water in years, the yacht club needs to diversify. There is a chance the winds will never come back, and even if they do, I might be too busy to get out there, we need to start thinking about VBYC without the Y”.

In a statement from his official Twitter account, VBYC Secretary A.J Tooley added “Lets get serious, commodity prices for aluminum have been steady grinding, buoyed by strong demand in China the future looks bright, gains on top of gains, diamonds cutting diamonds, I’m focusing on the East wind”.


VBYC Insider