Friday, November 27, 2009

from Windsurfing Magazine, September 1866

Windsurfing Magazine: We’re sitting here with windsurfing legend Mark Twain. Mark, thanks for being here.

Mark Twain: No problem bra.

WM: I hear you had a few big weeks last summer. Tell me about it.

Twain: I had just published the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to total critical acclaim and was kicking it a lot with some friends of mine who were on R n’ R from the b-field, dudes that saw Gettysburg and shit. Blue jacket and cannon ball shit. Gnar. They were looking for something to roll back on and we just thought: Gorge, wind, ripping. Simple as that.

WM: What kind of gear were you on?

Twain: Dude I had burnt so many bridges by that point that I was using whatever I had lying around. None of those corporate sponsor guys could stomach me and my antics, man. Who needs it though, right bra? Fatcats and shit. I just use whatever’s under my feet bra. Beer over gear, dude. Right?

WM: I guess so. Pretty wild times on that trip?

Twain: The night we got there we pulled our carts and buggies in at like midnight. There in the tavern is a bunch of dudes I knew from back in Illinois. And none other than the man himself: Abraham Fucking Lincoln! They were just PARTYING. Anyway, long story short, next thing I remember I’m tearing apart a 4.8 in a 32 knot sou’easter, buck naked except for Lincoln’s hat. Abe never let me forget that shit. Makes me well up just thinking about how much I miss dude. Fuck y'all n- that shot Big Poppa!

WM: Jesus.

Twain: I get shakey just thinking about that weekend.

WM: I’ll bet. Tell me about your windsurfing memoir, 'Adventures of Huckin’Barrels on a short Fin'. The Quaker Times called it ‘more relevant than the constitution’.

Twain: I’d be sitting in my cabin, alone in the woods, bra, and I’d be writing certain passages about ripping and I’d actually feel my b’s creeping towards my a. That’s when I knew this book would be good. No Twain, no gain - alright . . .

WM: Any last words for the kids, Mark?

Twain: Watch your skulls bra!

VBYC early daze

note the impressive motorboat fleet and vinnie's boathouse. jeah.
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quarters and hams chickens chickens and bricks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arnaud de Rosnay Pioneering Windsurfing Voyager

Check it:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Does Exist

Double or Nothing is a movie, Who's buying it first?

"DOUBLE OR NOTHING - REVISITED" is back by popular demand. Featuring World Champion Francisco Goya and flambouyant wild man Jason Prior, this flick tells the story of what one has to endure to make it to the top of Maui's windsurfing world. As the movie was cast, Jason (Jazz) and Francisco (Cisco Kid), were relatively unknown, never placing in the top 16 of any contest. By the script, they innovated the double loop, and by the end of filming, Francisco and Jason placed 1st and 2nd in the Oneill Windsurfing Classic at Hookipa. Francisco would go on to become overall World Champion, winning all 8 contests in 2000, and Jason, well, he would shred his own path around the world, conquering exotic windsurfing destinations. Revisited is completely re-edited, with new tunes and action footage. Another Impact Zone Production produced by Jonathan Weston with additional footage by Tonix. Available now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Windsurfer becomes first to test skills in Alaskan waters
Gazing up at the ominous mass of ice above this wind surfer got a little more than he bargained for when he decided to test his skills in the icy waters of Alaska.

Surfing just yards from the unstable 150 metre high walls of the Chenega glacier pro windsurfer Florian Jung became the first man ever to windsurf in the barren wilderness of Alaskan waters.
Facing Arctic winds and water temperatures of just one degree Celsius Mr Jung achieved a life long dream.
"I have always dreamed of windsurfing near a glacier," said the 24-year-old German. "No one else has surfed in front of the glaciers in Alaska before and I wanted to be the first.
"I normally surfs big waves in Hawaii and when I revealed my dream to a surfing friend back in Hawaii, he told me it couldn't be done. So I put my 1972 VW van on the line and off I went."
Flying out to the small town of Whittier in the glacier region of Alaska in August, Mr Jung set about his unusual adventure accompanied by a marine biologist in a boat.
He said: "The population there is only 183 and when we arrived they couldn't believe what we were attempting to do."
Measuring one mile in length the Chenega Glacier is highly unstable with giant ice rocks breaking off and crashing into the water almost every half an hour.
"I studied the region and talked to a lot of scientists about the clima-change and what happens with the glaciers there at the moment," said Mr Jung.
"I am used to travelling from one sunny surf-spot to the next.
"When you see a glacier calving it is very impressive – but very dangerous. If an ice rock fell too close to myself or the boat then it could prove to be fatal for everyone."
Mr Jung wore a special thermo neoprene-suit to cope with the 1-2 Celsius water temperature.
Chenega Glacier is a tidewater glacier located in Prince William Sound and on the Kenai Peninsula in the American state of Alaska.
The glacier is a tourist attraction, drawing many kayakers and small cruise lines to Nassau Fjord where the glacier meets the ocean.

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