Monday, July 5, 2010

Dispatches from Ryan van Berkel. . .

Just wanted to update you all on my travels. It feels like I’ve been away for a long time! I’ve seen some pretty cool things since I’ve been on the road. The students are really keen to learn about sailing. Some of them are pretty talented! But of course not as talented as my friends back home at VB!;) Here are some pics from Northern Manitoba, a part of the world that some of us don’t know all that well. Miss you guys and I’m trying not to get too homesick. Can’t wait to see you soon for some stories about all that you’ve been up to - and maybe even a beer! Ha ha ha ha

This is Denzel Eriksson and his falcon, Neil. He’s in charge of the Churchill Yacht Club.

A traditional residence in the Swan Valley region. The customs and people are so different across our province! I really feel like I’ve found myself on this trip. Beside the tent is a neighbourhood sailing enthusiast who guided me around town and did some translating for us. She was a pretty neat lady!

Some people don't know this but each northern Manitoban region has a distinctive culinary tradition. This was a traditional meal served at Duck Bay, on the eastern edge of Lake Winnipegosis - just five hours from River Heights! (And talk about spicy, I was drinking milk like crazy! Ha)

And of course we got to do some sailing! This obviously isn’t the boat we taught the kids on! Ha ha!

Mountains, just east of Flin Flon. Too bad I left my skis at home!

Bye for now!

RW Van Berkel

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