Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Does Exist

Double or Nothing is a movie, Who's buying it first?

"DOUBLE OR NOTHING - REVISITED" is back by popular demand. Featuring World Champion Francisco Goya and flambouyant wild man Jason Prior, this flick tells the story of what one has to endure to make it to the top of Maui's windsurfing world. As the movie was cast, Jason (Jazz) and Francisco (Cisco Kid), were relatively unknown, never placing in the top 16 of any contest. By the script, they innovated the double loop, and by the end of filming, Francisco and Jason placed 1st and 2nd in the Oneill Windsurfing Classic at Hookipa. Francisco would go on to become overall World Champion, winning all 8 contests in 2000, and Jason, well, he would shred his own path around the world, conquering exotic windsurfing destinations. Revisited is completely re-edited, with new tunes and action footage. Another Impact Zone Production produced by Jonathan Weston with additional footage by Tonix. Available now!

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