Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shameless Power Grab sees Commodore Amend Constitution to Avoid Term Limits

The Victoria Beach Herald newsroom was shocked to learn this morning of an emerging story that will likely leave this quiet beach community in shock for some time. Similar to his sailing style Victoria Beach Yacht Club Commodore R.W Van Berkel seems to have been playing fast and loose with the VBYC constitution, re-writing the document to consolidate his grip on power by repealing term limits for sitting Commodores among other contraventions that clear the way for territorial expansion.

At the time of his election, it was widely speculated by South Basin pundits that Van Berkel had arranged a backroom power sharing agreement with former Commodore Ken Taylor, forging a tenuous coalition between the old guard and the youth caucus represented by Van Berkel. The deal was that after his constitutionally mandated four-year term was through, Van Berkel would step aside and rotate the power back to the old guard. Outwitted, that threat now looks comfortably astern but that may not be last reef in his sail.

Much like a parliamentary omnibus bill there were many surprises for the few who could wade through the complex tome steeped in maritime law. Chamie (James) Thomas (LL.B.) one of the brightest young maritime law minds in the country had been hired by Van Berkel to re-write the constitutional document but became disgruntled with the surly Commodore seemingly drunk on his own prospective power and blew the whistle.

“Now that we effectively can’t vote him out, he seems hell bent on using the 2015 Manitoba Summer Games as a pretext for his long simmering expansionist ideology.” Remarked Mr. Thomas. “Having landed the Games he is now personally overseeing the construction and design of a new facility for the games, in a lot of ways his legacy will rest on these games, but I don’t think he will stop there, he is after a sweeter plum, the heart of the community, I believe he will use force if necessary to annex the clubhouse” Added Mr. Thomas.

Friends say the normally amiable Van Berkel has hardened in recent years, the quick smile and laugh has been exchanged for a serious demeanour and cold calculated judgement. Still stunned from the revelation a long time VBYC member remarked of the situation: “Well, some guys get their kicks from sailing and I guess others get it from power. Now that I think about it I don’t know if I’ve ever actually seen him sail” It remains to be seen how the end game will play out, but make no mistake the Commodore has set a favourable course to ultimate victory.

VBYC Insider

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