Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oliver, seen here "hanging loose" during a recent trip to a Mexican all-inclusive
beach resort.

Sources tell Windsurf Your Face Off Bryn Oliver is attempting a comeback and wants to sail for the Elk-Ida again.

After renting an entry level board and slogging around in the inner bay of a Mexican all inclusive, Oliver decided in February he was fit enough to give the sport another try, so he hired personal trainer Bryan Maycher and has been working diligently since.

Those close to him say he didn't leave the secretive and highly skilled Elk-Ida team the way he wanted, which is fueling his desire to return.

The 28-year-old has been single for almost four weeks and has been training daily in Winnipeg in the hope that a team rep is willing to invite him to training camp.

Interest in the former provincial circuit racing champion won't be enough to clear the way for oliver’s return.  He remains under indefinite suspension and would first have to be approved by team ethics representative Pen Buderson and team nutritionist Dr. Dip Chipman before reinstatement would be considered.

Sources say Oliver recently sent VBYC Commodore Ryan Van Breezy a letter acknowledging his comeback bid and has also discussed the possibility of the club housing his 4 year old bijon shih tzu and having the numerous memorial dedications to his past career removed. The club has confirmed receiving the letter but is unlikely to respect his requests.

At 28, Oliver is one of the youngest sailors in team history to make a comeback attempt. Intense and fearless, oliver made a name for himself for more than his cackle. He could shred, gybe and led girlfriends to leave self delusional windsponges.

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