Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Batten down the Hatches

Hurricanes aren't usually an issue on the Canadian Prairies but Environment Canada forecasters have reason to believe that a confluence of several systems could create a signifcant event near Victoria Beach in the next few weeks. Tropical Storm Nadine is on a westerly track from its current location over the Azores and, if models prove accurate, the remenants of the storm could reach the Lake Winnipeg area in the next few weeks. Carl Carlson, Head of Marine Forecasting, also expressed concern about a low pressure system that's been languishing in the Toronto area for the past few weeks. Hurricane Milly is lazily moving around the Toronto area with no particular cause or direction, but models indicate the possibility of it moving west and strengthening. Carlson said the models are not powerful enough to predict what might might happen if Milly and Nadine converge at Victoria Beach simulateously. It can only be assumed that the blowout would be heavier than the 2011 yacht club windup which resulted in the impairment of most of the VB sailing community and reduced the Commodore himself to tears. Local contractor Jerry Ritzema was particularly concerned: "God, I just finished a bunch of jobs on the Sunset Strip - I heard that's where the most damage is expected. The new roof I put on 321 Sunset will probably get torn right off."

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