Monday, January 9, 2012

Caption Contest

Elk Ida's own Big Buff chillin with R & B singer Twista in Fraze's living room. Send your caption and win a free sailing lesson from Prairie Ocean Windsurfing.

"They crease is like the trap, end of the day, it don't matter how fast you are, being big and standing tall separate hall of fame from just in the game. Shit yo, two flashes"

Runner up:
"I sure could use some cupcakes or peanut butter cups right about now, you know what that's about?"


  1. Is it possible for the lesson to be with that Andreas Suderman kid instead? He's so good!
    -Ken Taylor

  2. Jonathan Toews looks different without his equipment on.

    -Len Suderman

  3. Good luck getting ahold of the degenerates at POW. If you can't get them by phone you can get one of 'em through the navy @
    He will be the one riding his surfboard tied to the back of the boat.

  4. Buff- Not gonna lie, these graphics aren't quality.
    Twista- To bad the players don't have the nipples cut out of all the jerseys.