Monday, August 9, 2010

Four Sailors Suspended In Boat-Clearing Brawl

VICTORIA BEACH, MANITOBA— famed yacht club V.B.Y.C. suspended four sailors from the Wild Ace of Gimli and the Wind Rider/Speedy Pete Racing Teams Friday for their part in an ugly boat-clearing brawl during the 33rd Red Eye Cup. Wind Rider skipper Aaron Schott reportedly triggered the melee when he charged the foredeck after Wild Ace’s after guard Matt Macleod slab-reefed while their boat was on port tack. "These two teams have a history," said Wild Ace Skipper Ryan Van Berkel referring to last year's race when an overly aggressive jibe caused both catamarans to clear. "It was pretty inevitable something was going to happen this time. You could tell they were out for blood." On-the-water umpires immediately ejected Schott, who was then forced to swim 17 miles to shore.

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