Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Summer 2010

Alexander James Tooley

With a group of friends, Sir Mark Tooley bought a limousine and drove it sporadically through much of the 1980s. Lauren Skelly was, as a newborn, brought home from the hospital in it. The gang gave a friend of theirs a chauffeur’s hat and paid her to drive them around. Once, they saw her wearing the hat off-duty. She was fired on the spot. Yeah, the Tooleys have great stories. And it’s likely AJ will make some new ones this summer. Some of those stories will undoubtedly derive from on-water antics. This aristo-cat has a legendary feel for the wind, and is technically among Elk-Ida’s finest sailors: it has been said he can maneuver a windsurfer through the neck of a beer bottle - but he claims he’s never tried. Fresh off an award-winning curling season, AJ is set to put it on smash. This Friday, he and Conrad Black host a white tie wake for Bryn Oliver where the glitterati will party like it’s 2006 - leave your Roots sweatshirt at home.

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